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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rejection and Rebirth

So, I finally heard back from the Writers of the Future Contest for Quarter 1, and the news was not so good.  I was not a winner in the term and there was no mention of honorable mention or anything.

Back to where I started years ago when I first submitted to them.

But, there is new hope for this.  I have decided I'm not waiting around for Writers of the Future to make up their minds if I'm a good writer or not.  I'm submitting my works as soon as they are finished instead of sitting around and waiting for them to say I'm good enough.  It may involve a lot of rejection letters, but all a rejection letter means to me anymore is it needs one more revision.

Which leads into my writer's tip

In the words of a green wise man (since it is St. Patrick's Day and I feel like quoting Yoda)

"Do or do not.  There is no try."

Therefore, in writing, there should be a similar feeling about it.  Don't just try for one thing and see if it pans out for you.  You must constantly submit to different websites and allow it to help you grow.  Right now, I have three stories going out to publishers and one submitted to Writers of the Future.

Also, be sure to do it properly.  I've been having to go back and change a bunch of stuff on my writings because they ask for things a certain way.  You should be well versed in Manuscript Form whenever you submit to a publisher.  I wrote how I wanted it to appear first, but then realized I needed to change it later on.  And, believe me, it's harder to change it later on than to just learn how to do it the first time around.

Random Sentence
The wind blew Tyler around and around, making his head spin with possibilities.

Quote of the Week
"There is a major difference between a story and literature.  A story will entertain you while distracting you from the fact Rome is burning around you.  Literature will tell you where the fire extinguishers are located."