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Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Coming to the Midwest

So it looks like my area is going to be dowsed in snow for the next couple of days, so I figured I would end up writing my blog today instead of on the usual Tuesdays.  It will probably keep me home for a few days instead of going to class, but I know at least being snowed in will get me caught up on homework but further along on my other stories as well.  Currently, I wrote down all of my short story ideas and found I have 30 potential sales (amazing since I have only one which I felt was ready for reading by the WotF judges for this past quarter).

Which eventually leads me into my writing tip for the week.  I hate to sound like my High School English teacher in saying this, but this is very true...


It is easy for us authors to see what we have created and say, "I love this because it's like a child to me."  However, we need to remember we need to help raise that child into maturity as well.  This is why I always tell other authors there is one important rule in writing.  Revision, Revision, Revision.  It is here where you hone your ideas from the "Idea Sheet" I posted last week.

As for peer revision, it's a good idea, but do not rely on it too much.  If you keep on tapping one person to help you edit your work, it will not be your work but their work as well.  You can do it if you're a young writer to find what patterns you fall into (like my long-windedness and telling not showing).  However, ultimately you need to be in charge of your works, making the final decisions on what rules to follow and, more importantly, what rules to break.

BTW, last week's sentence caused me to write a few paragraphs on Arthur being the reincarnation of King Arthur and seeing flashbacks of his death with the rain.  So, here's next week's sentence:

As the general stood upon the hill, he smiled at the senses which surrounded him.


If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood.  I'd type a little faster.
~Isaac Asimov

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writers of the Future Contest

Well, I have entered the Writers of the Future Contest for the second time.  Contest regulations dictate I cannot give any details about the story I have submitted, but I can ensure you it is some of my best work.  Hopefully I'll hear the news by mid-March.

As for the other stuff I'm writing, I am waiting on one story to finish up sometime this week (I may ask for an editor's take on it, but I think I can get it from here).  I can't help it, there are so many universes floating around in this head of mine and it's taking a long time for me to sort them all out and get them down on paper.

Which leads me into my writer's tip for the week.  If you get an idea in your head, make sure to jot it down as soon as you get it.  You don't need to feel like you need to complete the story right away, but at least get the idea down on paper so it can grow in your mind.  This is typically the format I take.

Background - The basic synopsis of the story (what happens)

Setting - The backdrop of the story, such as where and when it takes place.

Characters - Don't be afraid of character names change.  A good tool is a name-searching website that gives you the meaning of the different names.  Believe me, it helped me find a good name for one story.

Message: If the story has a purpose, make sure you write it down.  You would hate to argue with yourself in the story and lose.

Symbols:  If you story is going to have a recurring theme, be sure to remember it throughout the story.  Don't drop it mid-way through or you will leave your readers (and editors) wondering why you left it out.

And, for the random sentence of the week to write on, try this one on for size.

Arthur stood waiting at the bus stop, wondering when the rain would stop soaking him to the bone.

Quote of the Week
You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.  ~Ray Bradbury

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Small Step for Pen, One Giant Leap for Write-kind

Well, I finally decided to start my own blog.  On here, I may post thoughts for the week to consider from story ideas I have.

I will also try every week to help provide a possible cure for the condition of Writer's Block, or WB.  Every day, thousands of authors suffer from WB, one of the widest disabling conditions around the world.

Okay, I know, kind of humorous...but, seriously, what I will do is post a sentence and authors are urged to write a short story or poem with the starting line of what I post.  Who knows, it may help you break through the Writer's Block of other stories...

Keep on writing my friends,


Quote of the Week

"I write for the same reason I breathe.  If I didn't, I would die."  ~Isaac Asimov